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Raised on a steady diet of jazz, gospel and R&B, singer-songwriter f:sv is a music enthusiast that bridges the gap between faith and experimental symphonies. Whilst traveling the globe, the UK-based composer quickly absorbed music during her upbringing and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. f:sv does not shy away from the unconventional when it comes to expressing her crafts and creativity. Her catalogue can be described as jazz-inspired galactic soul, combined with multi-octave blues vocals, and has been paralleled to artists like Noname, BRLY and Layfullstop.


Born in the Parisian suburbs, f:sv learned how to play multiple instruments through the encouragement of her parents, leading to her becoming classically trained in piano. However, after moving away during the course of her studies, her piano was left behind causing her to go almost two years without one, of which took toll on her confidence when she noticed her struggle in playing once reconciled with it. This caused her to stop believing in her gift and to instead seek creativity in other areas such as in acting, content creation, and writing books - showing that even in times of difficulty, creativity could not be eradicated from her life. 


Her artistry is not bound by borders after rediscovering her love for music again following her coming to Christ in 2017. From crisp hi-hats to oozing atmospheric pads, her eclectic sound and lyrical content captures the depths of her journey through life, hitting home for many. The singer-songwriter firmly holds dear onto 1 Corinthians 1:12, where she aims to expand on the relevance of all individuals and their giftings. She is a strong believer of the notion that one's essence in the same space of many others, produces different results. 


Growing up with Jazz and Afrodiasporic genres from her father’s side, coupled with old school R&B and Western Pop from her mother’s, f:sv has since meandered her way through a myriad of musical styles, taking inspiration from the likes of Xavier Omar, right through to Yuya Matsushita. She is also acquainted with J-Rock, Trap, K-Pop, Dance, Rock and Urban genres after having much interaction with them during her teenage years. Her sound pulls from a spectrum of musical influences, including 2baba, Black Eyed Peas, Gorillaz, Timbaland, Roy Woods and Dave Brubeck. 


f:sv continues to build a wealth of credits having featured on rap artist @Aaron P'Reach's track 'Keep Pacing' and has also worked alongside the likes of @kiNOTES and @Achayo. She is no stranger to being in front of a crowd evidently through her engagements in numerous street performances and small gigs across the UK, including in the regions of London, Reading, Portsmouth, Doncaster and Southampton. Gearing up to release her most ambitious project yet, she is intentional about engaging different forms of creativity to deliver rich and well-rounded content. This includes utilising visuals too, with the overall aim to evoke a variety of senses in her audience, stirring them emotionally, sonically and spiritually. f:sv continues to gain attraction across various platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and is determined to remain faithful to the vision in stimulating the masses and beyond with her artwork. 

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